Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pound for Pound..Losing it a little at a time

Starting Mid-January,I signed up for a program the Prattville YMCA was offering called, Inch-a-Weigh. It is 12 weeks long and was just what I needed to get on the weight loss wagon. I've never done Weight Watchers but if I had to guess, this program would be similar. The Y gives you a food and exercise journal that you are to record all your exercises and meals every day. In the beginning, you are weighed initially and all of your measurements are taken. Then, once a week, you weigh in (you pick the day and time), it is recorded by a staff member and you go on about your day; hopefully to exercise! Even though I knew doing this by myself would be challenging, I was totally up for it!
I began working out everyday only taking a break on Saturdays, sometimes Sunday. To mix things up a bit, I keep variety in my workouts. For example, on Tuesday and Thursdays, the Y offers this awesome class called Cardio and Tone. It is just as it sounds. I sweat A LOT in this class and love it! On the other days, I swap it up between, elliptical workouts, treadmill runs, outdoor runs. I also make sure to lift some free weights in between all the cardio. Two 5lb weights is all I need to get those arms burning! :)
As for my diet, I am still eating what I would normally eat but carefully watching my portion sizes. I have also cut out sodas which means nothing but water, baby! Going out to eat has been a little different. Normally, I would splurge and get whatever I wanted just because we were at a restaurant but, not any more. I try and go for the healthier options like grilled chicken and veggies. If I get a salad, I opt for the lighter dressing (any type of vinagrette or fat free option). My weakness is sweets. I have a HUGE sweet tooth! The solution: I don't buy sweets! Instead, I buy bananas or apples and fat free yogurt. Not only is it healthier and guilt-free, it completely satisfies my sweet tooth.

When I first started Inch-a-Weigh, my weight was 143.6. Today at my weigh-in, it was 137.1! So far, I have been losing about a pound a week. There has only been one week that I didn't lose anything. (but I didn't gain, either)The staff at the Y have been great and very encouraging. They have been able to review my food and exercise journal to make sure I am on the right track with my weight loss. So far so good, except for my snacking. Apparently, I am not snacking enough and need to incorporate more healthy snacks into my diet. That has been a challenge but it is being worked on. (fruit and yogurt!)
Losing about a pound a week is about right for healthy weight loss. (or so I have been told) One pound a week doesn't sound like a lot but I have REALLY been able to tell a difference!
I want to encourage any one out there reading this that YOU CAN DO IT! I really feel like exercising has been the key factor. Dieting doesn't hurt but if you can exercise, even if it's a little bit every day, you will see those pounds drop! Not only are my clothes fitting better and in some cases getting too big but I feel A LOT stronger. I can do crunches and girl push-ups without feeling like I am going to fall out. I can run for 2 miles without feeling like I'm going to die. I can lift weights and not feel like I am going to drop them on my toes.

My main source of encouragement has been myself. I just got SO TIRED of the way I looked and felt. I was fed up and had to do something about it. When I first started this and would have sore muscles for days, I just pushed through it, because I would rather have sore muscles than fat around my belly.
I still have a lot work to do and more pounds to drop, to get to a weight I am comfortable with. I am taking it one day at a time and staying positive. The week, I mentioned earlier that I didn't lose anything, I kept going and if anything pushed even harder!
Once I get to my goal weight, I plan on continuing to exercise and watching my portions. A healthy lifestyle cannot be built overnight, but it can be done! As my husband always tells me, "Rome wasn't built in a day!" How true that is!!

Have a great evening and God Bless!


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Jennifer Martin said...

Aww i TOTALLY feel your pain! We are almost exactly the same size lol. I have the eating thing down but am having problems wanting to work out. UGH The thought of getting on a treadmill makes me want to crawl into bed lol Keep it up!!! You are doing great!